Jerry Rodel

Owner & CEO SCBC GmbH

SwissCityBootCamp was founded in 2012. The idea was to integrate added value into people's lives through a holistic approach. The holistic approach consists of:

- Intense sports in the fresh air
- Healthy food
- Meditation / thought hygiene / deceleration
- Social interaction

Even today, the training units of SwissCityBootcamp are designed according to these principles.

When I drifted from a cadre position, overweight, nervously on the ground and bullied into unemployment at the age of 40, this was certainly a nod from the universe to give my life a new direction and, above all, to take it into my own hands again. Thus, I successfully completed the retraining to become a fitness instructor. In addition to this activity, I started at SwissCityBootCamp as a license partner for the Zug and Lucerne regions in 2014 and was able to take over the label completely in 2018.

I am convinced that sports from a good person will make you even better. Because if you want to be successful, you have to work hard, especially to yourself.

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