SwissCityBootCamp gets your employees moving:
physically, mentally, and together as a team.

The Causes

Unfortunately, stress is a fundamental part of our modern meritocracy. If you are not busy enough most of the time, you will attract negative attention. And before you know it, constant over load and pressure will be a permanent part of your life. Combine this with other negative influences, and it will quickly lead to exhaustion depression, characterized by mood swings, symptoms of exhaustion, and poor concentration. Nowadays also identified as burn-out, this medical term is already well known in our everyday jargon.

It is not only the price paid by the affected person but also the one paid by the company: Absences, tasks that are not accomplished, coworkers who suffer too, and tarnished corporate image all have to be absorbed by the company. Costs that may not be ignored nowadays; costs that companies, insurances, the social system, and at the very end each one of us have to bear.

We offer prevention

Our competencies surpass our services in the areas of sport and movement by far. During the last couple of years, we assisted many corporations with the implementation of valuable preventive measures using our holistic approach.

Starting with an employee up to a manager, in private coaching or as part of a team Рwe offer individualized programs covering various topics adapted to your company’s needs.

Our past corporate services besides regular outdoor workouts for employees have included the following

Teambuilding seminars

Breathing workshops

Mental coaching, individual or group

Health Days for companies with various trend sports, nutrition seminars, performance diagnostics

Raw Food workshops

Health lectures covering topics such as Detox & Prevention, Fat Burning Myths

Boxing workshop Yoga, TRX Training

Competition preparation

Coordination training

Our highly qualified team covers all areas of health and wellness management, coaching, and team building.

Our approach is as individual as our clients. We look forward to consulting with you in an introductory meeting and to developing a tailor-made concept just for your corporate needs.