Is the training held in all weather conditions and also in winter?

Yes, the YourCityBootCamp training sessions will be held all-year round.
We recommend investing in weather dependent and seasonal clothing. In case of extremely bad weather conditions, the trainer may cancel the course by email at least 3 hours prior to the training.

Should I bring a small backpack?

Generally you will not require a backpack for the YourCityBootCamp.

Are there showers and changing rooms?

In Zurich you can change in Badi Enge telling them that you are coming from the YourCityBootCamp. In the other cities please get in contact direclty there by writing an email.

Should I eat something before the BootCamp training?

As beginner you should snack something light before the training, e.g. a piece of fruit (banana or apple), a piece of bread or a glass of juice. Avoid milk products, meat or whole wheat products as these can put strain on your digestive tract.
Most certainly you should drink 1-2 large glasses of water before and after the training.
If you are used to exercise in the morning, you might try to skip eating before the YourCityBootCamp training session in order to give your fat burning an additional kick.

Which equipment do I need for the training sessions?

Running shoes and comfortable, weather condition appropriate clothing, that might get dirty as well. Everything else is provided by the trainer for the YourCityBootCamp session.

When will I see first changes?

After the 1st YourCityBootCamp training session you will feel if a truck had hit you. After the 4th or 5th training session you will see that the sweat was worth it.
Because of our highly intense training sessions, you will feel results quickly. But keep in mind, only if you exercise regularly!

Why is the YourCityBootCamp so effective?

The combination of continuous power and stamina intervals without break ensure the high effectiveness of this workout. This results in the alternation of intense and easier pressure elements, i.e. interval and transition training.
This form of training keeps the heart rate in an effective range throughout the workout, resulting in higher caloric consumption even hours after the training.
The exercises between running make mostly use of your own body weight, engaging many muscles at the same time and ultimately training the whole body.
This results in letting every participant reach their very own goals: Optimizing your body weight, Sculpting your body, or Enhancing power and endurance.

For which fitness levels do you recommend YourCityBootCamp?

The BootCamp is suitable for everyone enjoying an intense body workout, which means everybody can participate. In order to be able to get the most out of your training, you should be able to run continuously for 4-5 minutes.
No matter if you are a beginner or an active athlete, our professional trainers ensure that the training will definitely challenge you!

Where is the meeting point for the training sessions?

Start for the YourCityBootCamp is published on the site of each region/city