Zurich – Hallenbad City

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Our Location

Hallenbad City, Sihlstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland

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Lukas Grauer

Since 2016 I lead and accompany bootcamps for YourCityBootcamp and love to train my groups outdoor in the urban environment. It's easier and more motivating to reach targets within a group than all by yourself. My principle of training is: Safety for my group, correct performance, balanced and various training. Such as cardio, strength, speed and coordination, stability, balance, etc. And it has to be fun - the only way to be effective. I am always happy about new entries and love passing on my passion.

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Zürich one of the word´s most beautiful cities - with an unbelievable amount of nature. No matter, if we run left or right the Limmat, leading in the unique Lake Of Zürich, or along the Sihl / Schanzengraben / Hallenbad-City or doing our workouts in the Botanic Garden - nowhere else it is such a beautiful experience, to train outdoor. Especially in the early morning hours in spring, summer and autumn.

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