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Register at My BootCamp and open your account. Your account will be credited automatically with 1 Credit for your first trial workout for CHF 10.- Select your location and the training of your choice, register, and you are good to go! Going forward, you will be able to buy your credits at any time individually and register for your next workouts.

What is SwissCityBootCamp?

SwissCityBootCamp offers an intense and effective whole-body workout. Outdoors in fresh air, professional trainers assist in increasing and elevating strength and stamina with interval training. Your own body weight together with all obstacles along the way are your workout equipment.

The intense interval training is designed for a targeted growth of stamina and strength. Around 600-800 calories are burnt in each 60-minute training session.

We can individually address your needs, goals, and fitness level in our group or private training sessions. Our service is geared towards advanced athletes and beginners alike.

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We offer comprehensive and holistic services for you. You determine your training hours. Log in at My BootCamp and register for your next workout directly in the schedule.


We have a strong team of expert trainers who have all completed our Qualicert certified SwissCityBootCamp training. Each of our trainers has their own workout style and will always challenge you again and again. No training is like the other.

Carola Schoch

Absolute sports fanatic who loves the joy of exercising in a group. Background: Running, boxing, mountain bike, ski touring, dancing, and many more…

Désirée Kellner

There is never a perfect time to start, that is why I like the slogan «Intentions are good, putting them into action is better». Do you feel like joining me on one of my walks through the woods or passing playgrounds, then I’m the right person for you.

Jerry Rodel

Heated halls, screen, padded machines and nervous music? Then maybe promenade, overlooking the Rigi, concrete, steel, and the noise of the wind. These are just a few reasons why I joined the Swiss City Boot Camper family and now i want to share this experience with you.