Our Trainer

We have a strong team of expert trainers who have all completed our Qualicert certified SwissCityBootCamp training. Each of our trainers has their own workout style and will always challenge you again and again. No training is like the other.


Lincensed Fitness- and tournament Trainer SwissBoxing, Personal Trainer. I love sport and to train and motivate people! (Fight-)Sport is my life!

Carola Schoch

Absolute sports fanatic who loves the joy of exercising in a group. Background: Running, boxing, mountain bike, ski touring, dancing, and many more…

Clemens W. Pachlatko

I know what it means to be function under time-pressure. Therefore it is even more important to have a set and reserved time frame for your body, mind and sport. Movement in a team and outdoors is an enrichment to my life.

Jerry Rodel

Heated halls, screen, padded machines and nervous music? Then maybe promenade, overlooking the Rigi, concrete, steel, and the noise of the wind. These are just a few reasons why I joined the Swiss City Boot Camper family and now i want to share this experience with you.

Leonie Venzin

Her enthusiastic and motivating way of training will help you achieve your fitness and health objectives. With a customized SCBC workout, Leonie will get your lungs pumping and your legs burning. Her workout will increase your fitness and flexibility, tone muscles and increase your body awareness.

Lesley Tanner

Outside energize, do something good - to pass joy, this is my and hopefully soon also your motivation!

Nicola Venzin

I know what it’s like to spend hours in the office, to work hard and only get up to go to the printer or racing from one business meeting to the other. Thus, it is all the more important to clear one’s mind and shape the body with an intense and effective workout! With Nicola you not only strenghten your muscles and endurance but also your wellbeing as well as your immune system.

Nora Rümbeli

Central in my SCBC training is to motivate each other to peak performance, to combine the physical / mental agility, balance, strength and endurance in various ways and to maintain the fun of doing it.

Pepe Stüssi

I love to train outside, because the nature gives me strength and energy. My passion is to help other people, they spend more athletic and mentally.

Roger Marin

Bewegung in Freien, Natur und Bergen ist ein wichtiges Element für mich. Ich liebe segeln, Radfahren, Wandern, Kayak fahren, Tauchen – wichtig ist die Aktivität im Freien!

Sabri Aouioua

Sport has always been an important part of my life. It helps keeping body, mind and spirit healthy. Before I’ve moved to Switzerland I’ve played soccer in a club for many years and recently I have developed an interest for the triathlon. I would like to share my enthusiasm and passion for sport with you. Come and join the movement!

Samira Sefzig

No matter if mountainbiking, swimming, ski-touring, scuba diving, tennis, yoga, hiking….I am always surprised how much power, balance and happiness I can gain out of a training in the sun, rain, snow and wind and I am very happy if I can share this passion with you in the group.

Slaven Dizdarevic

As a three years old kid, I attended the opening ceremony of the winter Olympic Games in 1984 in Sarajevo, where I was born. I believe that this festive experience created my strong attachment to sport and motivated me throughout the interesting and inspiring career of an athlete.

Steffi Volland

Wouldn't you just love to do your work-outs outside? In beautiful Zurich? I do! With a small group of truly nice and fun people? Well, what are you waiting for?

Guillermo Hoffmann

A Sport fanatic who you can best find outside in nature. And the city is perfect for keeping in shape, too! What appeals to me most about group training or training with a partner is always being able to surpass your performance with motivation and fun. This helps you to also reach the next level. Love the grind :)

Fabrizio Macri

Soccer, Jogging, Beach Volley, Swimming Boxtraining, Bootcamp… Important is the sportive activity especially in the nature

Rainer Bierbrodt

Due to the intense and effective total body workout in the fresh air, we will bing your fitness and strength during interval trainings up to the next level. Get Motivated - I am looking forward to seeing you!

Pascal Gubser

Mountain Biking, Bike Racing, Jogging, Beach Volleyball, Swimming, Soccer, Strength Training, and CrossFit.

Lukas Grauer

Every beginning is difficult but once you have caught fire, it also becomes hard to extinguish again. So it is with discipline and motivation in activity and sports. I'll help you ignite the kindling spark so that your motivation can burst into flames and your discipline will become a burning passion!

Margrit Stein

I`m a sportsfan - burning engery off is the best feeling - my office work doesn`t gives me a lot of motion so I love "to get moving". My first sports attention was horesriding and worked as a horseriding instructur in Germany and Spain over some years.
For horseriding power, endurance and balance are very important so I trained also differents ways of fitness and did a exam as fitness instructutor. My first contact with bootcamp started some years ago and when I met Carola the idea was born to get a trainer!!
I love to motivate people to train with me and give them a focus on sports not only for losing weight or as a medical treatment. It should be happyness and fascination because everybody can do it without anything  "only with your own body"

Pascal Keller

I decided to turn my hobby into my job and become a personal trainer (or fitness coach) and to share my energy, motivation and passion for sports and health. As a soccer and hockey player I know exactly how important a good team spirit is and what is needed to go the extra mile! I do have varied experience and in depht know-how as a fitness coach and I am looking forward to train you!

Sandra Radic

I used to work out in gyms but nowadays this type of training simply doesn’t suit my lifestyle anymore. Fortunate as I am, my husband, my son and my job empower me to focus on my passion. I strongly believe success comes when you concentrate on doing what you love - at all stages of life.

"I'm too tired. It's too cold. It's too hot. It's raining. It's too late "all nonsense, get up, I'm looking forward to training and bringing you closer to your goals – get ready and start moving!

Nicole Steiner

I am a morning person and I like to be active, preferably in the urban nature of a big city. My goal is to motivate the people around me to strive a conscious lifestyle. The depth of Yoga and the integration of its ancient traditions in our modern life fascinate me. I am a member of the professional association of yoga teachers in Germany (BDY) and I teach diversified and straight Hatha Yoga and Hatha Flow lessons with invigorating asana sequences.

Francesc Serra

Always looking to improve myself, I'm into meditation, reading and sports. I'm an outdoors guy, when not running, I'm hiking or simply walking, I try to play volleyball or go swimming. Always on the move towards my next goal! Working out with other people helps push oneself and help others to overcome their limits. The feeling is amazing! I enjoy growing along other people and connecting body and mind to tap into the whole power. Your limit is where you set it!

Dennis Miller

Physical activities and a healthy diet are two essential parts of my life. As a fitness freak I always try to set new goals, to meet new challenges, and to give my best in everything I do, should it be in sports or in everyday obstacles. My biggest motivation is:
To inspire people for a healthy lifestyle and to be the best version of yourself!

Patrick Kohler

I love the variety of sports, from jogging, mountain biking, boot camp to obstacle race (Spartan Race). I leave no stone unturned. Main point: fresh air!

Train individually, but feel the group dynamic - then you are exactly right in the boot camp!

Our environment gives us everything we need for our physical well-being. So step into the sport clothes and let's go out into nature.

Let's move!!!