Carola Schoch

Gründerin & Geschäftsführerin SCBC & CIM

Carola Schoch, Founder of SwissCityBootCamp, can refer to her competent experience in the areas of Sport Management & Technology, Body & Mental Power, and Strategic Teambuilding, Nutrition & Kinesiology. She started the first, official BootCamp in Zurich at the beginning of 2012, with the idea to motivate people to discover the joy of sports outside in nature and to challenge their own limits together in a team in a positive and happy way.
Yes, that was my goal as I was asking myself what my real talents were… good question, as self-reflection is often very difficult and I felt as I had lost all my creativity and vitality for something new.

But one thing was crystal clear – entrepreneurship – simply putting all my effort in my own project and discover what comes of it, and further it was clear to me: I wanted to create something where I can really see that the things I do generate a benefit for people and society.

So, I asked myself what I loved to do: cooking, traveling, sport, assist people…

And then I simply took off, in addition to my job and kinesiology training, in a very emotional way, without real business plan or complicated planning. I could really feel my heartbeat again and the joy and euphoria rising in me – feelings I thought I had lost – and therefore, I knew that it was the right thing. I did not think for a single day that I could live off this, regarded it as craziness; however there was a fain shimmer of hope as I emptied my bank account to put everything into it.

And on May 12th in 2012, we started with the first training.

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